1:24 scale Elco 80' pt boat

by John C
(Columbia, Canada)

I made a couple blunders on this but it's getting there. The life raft is a little small, rear turret is sitting a little high, otherwise not too bad. The torpedo tubes are one inch dowling with balsa nose sanded round with balsa strips for the bands, awaiting 50 caliber guns (on order) and 20 mm canon for stern. I need dowling for depth charges and smoke canister on stern. Starting dope and tissue treatment for the hull tomorrow. Upper decks have about 4 coats of acrylic paint. I'm thinking of sealing with lacquer, no tissue though. The color is pretty close, hull will be the same color with red bottom....then motors and radio gear, this is a first time scratch build for me....

Added 12/12/16...

Just about ready to install running gear and Radio, Painted now, guns will be installed next week, next pictures hopefully it will be on it's sea trials...this is 1:24 semi scale scratch built from plans I purchased from Petter.

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responce to Bruno
by: John C

This is built from Petter's Plans, just put the tissue on the hull today, went better than I hoped for. turned out well. No power yet, will post more as the build continues. be painting the hull in a couple weeks, thanks for the kind words... John

Nice job!
by: Bruno Martel

This is a very nice built. Did you used the plans provided by Petter? What kind of power arrangement she has? Nice!


by: Petter

Nicely done, John. Especially considering it's your first scratch build. Obviously you have built stuff before though.

One thought, be careful with dope over acrylic - the solvent in the dope may raise the acrylic and cause a minor disaster. Try on a piece of scrap first, or consider a more benign top coat. There are acrylic based clear finishes and I think shellac may work, but confirm for yourself first. Again, great job!

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