US Battleships

A list of US Battleships to help model boat builders find model plans and kits of US coastal, pre-dreadnought, WW1 and WW2 battleships.

us battleships uss wisconsin

US Battleships are easier to keep track of than those from any other nation because of their unique hull number. As a result, ships with the same name can easily be told apart.

The US and its Navy was late to become a top-tier blue-water super power. War torn and scarred after the Civil War, the main focus was still on coastal and river monitors.

As several South American nations started acquiring armored ships, the US found itself trailing behind.

In 1883 the Brazilian Navy took delivery of the Battleship Riachuelo – a coastal pre-dreadnought of 5,029 tons and four nine-inch guns. All of a sudden Brazil had the most powerful navy in the Western Hemisphere.

The US responded with the experimental coastal defense Battleships USS Maine and USS Texas. This is the same approach the Imperial German Navy had gone through about two decades earlier.

The list of US Battleships end with the USS Wisconsin (BB-64), the last commissioned US Battleship. For reference, and to avoid gaps and confusion, the list includes the names and hull numbers of canceled ships as well.

The years listed refer to first year of commission.

Coastal Defense Battleships, 1895-1897

Second Class Battleships

USS Texas

USS Maine

Indiana Class

(BB-1) USS Indiana

(BB-2) USS Massachusetts

(BB-3) USS Oregon

Iowa Class

(BB-4) USS Iowa

Pre-Dreadnought Battleships, 1900-1908

Kearsarge Class

(BB-5) USS Kearsarge

(BB-6) USS Kentucky

Illinois Class

(BB-7) USS Illinois

(BB-8) USS Alabama

(BB-9) USS Wisconsin

Maine Class

(BB-10) USS Maine

(BB-11) USS Missouri

(BB-12) USS Ohio

Virginia Class

(BB-13) USS Virginia

(BB-14) USS Nebraska

(BB-15) USS Georgia

(BB-16) USS New Jersey

(BB-17) USS Rhode Island

Connecticut Class

(BB-18) USS Connecticut

(BB-19) USS Louisiana

(BB-20) USS Vermont

(BB-21) USS Kansas

(BB-22) USS Minnesota

(BB-23) USS New Hampshire

Mississippi Class

(BB-24) USS Mississippi

(BB-25) USS Idaho

Dreadnought Battleships, 1910-1914

South Carolina Class

(BB-26) USS South Carolina

(BB-27) USS Michigan

Delaware Class

(BB-28) USS Delaware

(BB-29) USS North Dakota

Florida Class

(BB-30) USS Florida

(BB-31) USS Utah

Wyoming Class

(BB-32) USS Wyoming

(BB-33) USS Arkansas

New York Class

(BB-34) USS New York

(BB-35) USS Texas

Standard Type Battleships (Super-Dreadnoughts), 1916-1923

Nevada Class

(BB-36) USS Nevada

(BB-37) USS Oklahoma

Pennsylvania Class

(BB-38) USS Pennsylvania

(BB-39) USS Arizona

New Mexico Class

(BB-40) USS New Mexico

(BB-41) USS Mississippi

(BB-42) USS Idaho

Tennessee Class

(BB-43) USS Tennessee

(BB-44) USS California

Colorado Class

(BB-45) USS Colorado

(BB-46) USS Maryland

(BB-47) USS Washington

(BB-48) USS West Virginia

South Dakota Class

(BB-49) USS South Dakota, canceled

(BB-50) USS Indiana, canceled

(BB-51) USS Montana, canceled

(BB-52) USS North Carolina, canceled

(BB-53) USS Iowa, canceled

(BB-54) USS Massachusetts, canceled

WWII, 1941-1944

North Carolina Class

(BB-55) USS North Carolina

(BB-56) USS Washington

South Dakota Class

(BB-57) USS South Dakota

(BB-58) USS Indiana

(BB-59) USS Massachusetts

(BB-60) USS Alabama

Iowa Class

(BB-61) USS Iowa

(BB-62) USS New Jersey

(BB-63) USS Missouri

(BB-64) USS Wisconsin

(BB-65) USS Illinois, canceled

(BB-66) USS Kentucky, canceled

Montana Class

(BB-67) USS Montana, canceled

(BB-68) USS Ohio, canceled

(BB-69) USS Maine, canceled

(BB-70) USS New Hampshire, canceled

(BB-71) USS Louisiana, canceled

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