Edmund Fitzgerald

by Larr Gierlowski
(Michigan, USA)


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by: SteveO

Looks great you really took your time and it shows! I'm just finishing my scratch built 5' Fitz but it's a working RC with smoke :) seeing pics like this is a great inspiration since I'm ice bound for a while now lol

SS Edmund Fitzgerald
by: Petter

Nice model indeed.

The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was a large freighter carrying iron ore on Lake Superior. She was the largest ship on the Great Lakes at the time - 26,000 DWT & 729ft long.

She got caught up in a bad storm and sank with all hands in November 1975. The tragedy made headlines in the US at the time.

I was just a kid at the time and didn't learn about her until I moved to the US as an adult.

You can read more about her on Wikipedia.

There are many theories of the cause of her sinking, but none conclusive.

Large boat
by: Gilbert

That is some boat! I am assuming it is a cargo vessel by the hatch covers. You have put a lot of hours in to that one. Did you build from a plan or is it your own design? A very neat build witch ever way. Have you had her in the water yet? I would love to see pictures of it in the water. Great work.

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