Fort Sumter Class Pilot Boat

by Manning
(Charleston, SC. USA)

I am a retired Senior Chief Quartermaster US Navy 21 years and a licensed Master in the Merchant Marine 14 years. I have spent my entire adult life on the sea.

When I was a boy I had a home built wood toy boat with a hand crank motor in it. I played with that boat everyday. It was heavy and crude but it was built like a real boat and I loved it.

Problem is as I got a little older, married and a young sailor with a family I sold it to a collector. "STUPID" - So now I want to build a like vessel for my grandson and I to play with.

I was Captain of a Ray Hunt design, Gladding and Hearn Built Charleston Class Fort Sumter Pilot Boat for nine years. I have a attachment to the vessel as I captained the vessel brand new out of the shipyard in 2000.

I recently came ashore due to medical issues that the Coast Guard would not like. So to avoid those issues, I dispatch for the Port of Charleston.

I have been thinking about this TOY for my Grandson for a very long time and now have taken action to build her. Everything is being done from my head as the plans for the boat are a close secret of the builder. Lines etc.

I have sailed in everything from nuclear submarines to sail boats and ocean going tugboats but this, I find, is a challenging.

Any advice I can get is very helpful. As I really have no idea what I'm doing but I know what I want in the end. And that is for my grandson to play and dream with something that really could be real. I think that toy boat of mine was an inspiring toy to the man I am today.

That's an impressive career you've had, good for you. Thank you for sharing all this. I find the whole project really inspiring and I truly want you to be successful.

It is really touching what you're trying to do for your grandson. The reflection how much your toy boat meant to you and who you are is great insight.

I gather the most important part of the project is in spending time together and letting him discover and dream.

I don't know the age of your grandson or his expectations. I doubt they are very high, just make sure your ambition, or high standard, don't get in the way of the two of you having a good time together.

Best of luck!


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What a great project
by: Tom

I too am new at this, but not with your background. I suggest you draw, from your mind, what you can remember of the ships structure. From these you will be able to create templates for your construction process. I may have missed it, but what size are you talking about?

Another interested model boat builder.

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