Juyilanga - 28-footer Uniflite "Salty Dog"

by Bruno

Inspired by now defunct American manufacturer Uniflite, this boat is based upon 1970s-early 80s 28-footer model "Salty Dog" and is built on approximately 1:16 scale following the lines of their 1980s version. Fiberglass deep-vee hull made in the U.S.A. Superstructure made with 2mm ABS plastic sheets. Equipped with 9V light system. Runs with a 35mm three-bladed propeller, 9.6V NiMH battery and a 500-series brushed motor. Hull measures 24.5 X 9 inches. Completion time: nearly 5 months.

As for the real-life boat, Uniflite went bankrupt and disappeared during the 1980s financial crisis, just as many other US boat builders of the time. Uniflite designed and produced the famed River Patrol Boat utilized in Vietnam (Apocalypse Now anyone?) utilizing and adapting an already existing Uniflite recreational boat hull. The Salty Dog was a popular sight among sport fishermen folks on the West Coast.

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Thank you!
by: Bruno

Thank you, Robert. Some pics on the water coming soon. I really enjoyed this particular built. I added navigation lights, lighted portholes and instrument panel powered by a 9V battery. Not a fast boat but looks quite realistic while running, especially on choppy waters where its Deep-Vee hull design performs very well.

by: Gilbert.

Hi Bruno. That's a nice looking boat, it would look nice on the water great build & Have fun with that one.

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