Pond Sailboat Rigging

by L. Novak
(Houston, TX)

I just acquired a pond sail boat that is in a very sad state of disrepair. I have completed the restoration of the hull and getting ready to put the mast back on and add sails.

Unfortunately there were no sails and all of the rigging was gone when I got the boat so I have no idea as to how to re-rig it. Any suggestions as to when I might find rigging details for a 1950's Pond Sailer?

Having grown up in the era of Radio Control, I'm somewhat at a loss here. There doesn't seem to be much information online either. I seem to remember seeing some restoration logs on some forum a while back. Which one, I can't seem to remember. It could be the Model Ship World Forum.

In any case, you may want to join and post a question in several forums. There are a lot of those pond yachts still out there, and a loyal following that restore, collect and sail them.

These items may be of interest. The books may inspire other folks stumbling through here. It sure peeked my interest.

Unfortunately, that's the best I can do. But to anyone reading this, please feel free to add a comment using the form on this page. Thanks!

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pond sailboat rigging needed
by: sadsailor@hotmail.com

I have the same problem. My schooner was built by my father and I too received only the hull. I am trying to restore it for it's original owners 82th birthday. Time is of the essence!

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