pt 109 1/32 semi scale

by Mike

After whatching the film i was convinced to have a go a building a pt boat. I found Petter's plan suited my needs and skill level perfectly to a build a cheap but affective model.

The hull and deck house is made from 0.8 and 1.5 liteply and the fittings are made from plasticard and various other materials found around the home, a fair number of pens were sacrificed into the build. The boat is powered by a 540 standard motor threw an M4 propshaft to a 32mm twin blade propeller. Currently it is using a car ESC but possibly later changed to a marine one, all powered by a 8.4v Traxxas battery NIMH.

The model is finished in humbrol paint and although patchy in some places turned out OK and possibly better if i wasn't so impatient.

I would reccomend this build to anyone who would like to make a first attempt at scratch building from plans. I do think that previous marine modelling experience would be required though prior to starting as not all components on the plan are obvious and need research. However Petter was very helpful with my build especially after I had requested help with the deck houses, he drew up additional templates at no extra charge to go along with the main hull templates which I had previously already purchased.

thanks fella


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