The Plunderer

by Vincent
(San Jose, CA)

I am a beginner ship builder. I use odds and ends from around the house and some balsa wood. This is a small viking vessel, much like the ones that were used for a small force to easily navigate up and down the Irish coast and sack villages. I'll get better at this I used thumb tack for shields, Shish Kebab sticks as oars, a kitting needle for the mast, I use gorilla glue for everything. I don't use any template or plan or kit i just start building and improvise.

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Thank you
by: Vincent

Thank you for the encouragement. I have built other boats but I never really take the time to finish them. I look forward to seeing yours as well as other projects.

building boats
by: Anonymous

Hi. Vincent. I like your style in taking on a project like that without plans, you have a good eye for shapes, & your boat has turned out very well & I am sure there is another boat to be built being worked over in your brain now. I started building a few years ago with some help from Petter. which are on the website. I also built another boat over the last 12 month & I will put some pictures up soon, the latest boat has just had it final sea trials last night & I have sorted out a few issues with blowing fuses. The latest build is a luxury yacht named after my grand daughter Leila Clair 1.5 meters in length.

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